What is the difference between a group flight and a coordinated flight?
A group flight reservation is a contracted itinerary for ten or more seats from a common city, which requires a deposit from the client. The number of seats and the fare are guaranteed with this option. A coordinated flight itinerary is booked as individual reservations, where the fare is not guaranteed and no space is holding.

Why should I book a group flight or coordinated flight rather then a lesser-cost ticket available on the Internet?
You will have the comfort of knowing that you will be flying with other students in your program and in many cases, the local program staff will meet the coordinated flight upon arrival. Both group and coordinated flight itineraries are communicated to the study abroad program coordinator. Should a problem arise such as an emergency or unplanned change to return, Village Travel will assist with the change and has access to all ticket information, which may be needed by the air carrier, the program coordinator, and the traveler. On a group or coordinated flight itinerary, Village Travel keeps in contact with the program coordinator as to flight arrival and departure times, so that incountry ground transfers are notified of any schedule changes.

Can I depart from a city other than the listed departure city?
Yes, in most cases you may depart from another city.  You must make this request at the time of flight registration. We will do our best to connect you with the group or coordinated flights.

Can I change my return date?
Yes, in most cases you may request an alternate return date at the time of booking or you may try to change it for a fee after you depart.  We do suggest that you pick a return date at the time of registration for your flight.  While it may be possible to change your return once in country, it may be very difficult, as it is subject to availability.

Can I book an one-way ticket with the group?
Yes, it is possible however it is not recommended. Typically airlines require proof of onward travel at check-in and will not allow you to board without proper documentation and/or a return ticket. Also, booking a one-way ticket is usually much more expensive than booking a round-trip ticket.

Why has the price changed from the quoted price on the Website?
Internet prices are quoted from the lowest price.  Prices and schedules are subject to availability and can change hourly or daily.  Additionally, if the group fills, we may have to provide an alternate itinerary with new pricing.

When will I receive my tickets?
All tickets are issued electronically so you will not receive a paper ticket. You will receive a flight confirmation email as well as an itinerary receipt in the mail, each will have your flight confirmation number and ticket number.

How do I check in and print my boarding pass?
You will be able to use your airline confirmation number to check in and print your boarding pass either on the airline’s website 24 hours prior to departure or at airport check-in.

How many bags am I allowed to bring?
Most international carriers allow 1 – 2 checked bags not to exceed 50 lbs each, plus one carry-on and a personal item, which must be able to fit under the seat in front of you.  The baggage allowance will depend on the destination, class of service and the airline.  You should check the airline’s website for the specific allowances and restrictions. Village Travel also puts the baggage information on your flight confirmation.

Will I receive a confirmation of my registration?
Yes, within one business day you should receive an email response confirming that we have received your registration.  Within two business days, you should receive an itinerary and price quote.  If you do not, please contact us.

When is my payment due?
Payment is due as noted on your confirmation email (with price quote). It is your responsibility to make payment arrangements by the due date or your reservation will be cancelled. Village Travel does not offer a payment plan.

How do I submit my payment?
Once you register for the flight, you will receive an email with a link to the payment form. This is an embedded Formstack SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Form, with several security protocols. The credit card information is fully encrypted using multi-layers of password protection to access the form data.

What if my payment is late?
Your reservation will be cancelled.  You may ask that we reinstate the reservation, but it is subject to availability restrictions.  The price may change and/or you may have to take alternate flights.

Can Village Travel provide an itinerary for visa issuance?
Yes, once we have received payment Village Travel can run an itinerary and provide it to the traveler for visa issuance.

How early should I arrive at the airport for my flight?
We recommend that you arrive 3 hours prior to departure for international flights.

What happens if I miss my flight?
If you miss your flight, go directly to the airline counter.  They may be able to re-accommodate you.  If the airline is unable to help you, contact Village Travel.