Please see the University of Minnesota page for our current coordinated and group flights.

What Village Travel offers when booking student travel:

Village Travel has been organizing student travel for over 20 years. We have a great deal of experience working with colleges and universities to coordinate group as well as individual flight reservations for their study abroad programs. We have a dedicated agent that will work closely with the program coordinator to find the best flight schedules and fares based on their specific requirements.

We can assist students with flight deviation requests, ticket changes, airline schedule changes and special service requests. We can also help students’ families to coordinate their travel with the students flights.

For many programs, we can use airfare consolidators to book flights at discounted rates. The student fares we find frequently have lower change fees than the standard airline fees.

Peace of Mind
Our experienced agents will keep the university and the students advised of any airline schedule changes prior to departure as well as any flight protections due to delays or cancellations. In addition, we provide assistance for emergency changes. If you are unable to contact us, the University of Minnesota has access to our 24-hour emergency phone line.