Please contact us if you are interested in more information on any of the train services listed below.

European rail passes are available to any foreign tourist visiting from abroad. They are not available for sale in Europe and must be purchased in the United States. Regional and country specific passes are available for travel within Europe as well as point to point tickets between most European cities.  A popular pass is the Eurail Select Pass.  Please contact us for updated rates on this and all other passes. We also offer pass protection insurance.

Japan Rail passes are available to any foreign tourist visiting from abroad, under the entry status of “temporary visitor”. These passes cannot be purchased in Japan and must be purchased in the United States. Rail passes are available for various lengths of stay, for country-wide and regional travel. Please check with us for updated prices on this and any other Japan Rail pass.

Via Rail offers point to point train service in Canada. Tour packages are also available.

Luxury train service is available in many destinations throughout the world. Here are some examples.
Blue Train – The Blue Train in South Africa travels from Capetown to Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe).
Indian Pacific Line – The Indian Pacific Line travels between Perth and Sydney, Australia.
Ghan Line – The Ghan Line travels between Adelaide and Alice Springs, Australia.
Great South Pacific Express – The Great South Pacific Express travels between Brisbane and Cairns and Brisbane and Sydney, Australia.
Trans Siberian Express – The Trans Siberian Express travels between the east Coast of Russia and Moscow.
Eastern and Oriental Express – The Eastern and Orient Express travels between Singapore and Bangkok and Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
Venice-Simplon Orient Express – The Venice-Simplon Orient Express travels from London to Venice, Venice to Rome, and Paris to Istanbul.
Chihuahua al Pacifico – The Chihuahua al Pacifico travels from Chihuahua through Copper Canyon in the Mexican Sierra Madras Occidental Mountains.
American Orient Express – The American Orient Express offers many custom itineraries across the United States and Canada.